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Lavender Salt Bath Sachet

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    In need of break? Take a moment for yourself, away from phones or tablets, and enjoy a relaxing soak in a warm bath. Baths are a simple yet effective way to be mindful of one’s wellness as soaking allows you to ease muscle pain while allowing your mind to quiet.

    We recommend enhancing your bathing experience by adding a Robert’s Ferry Lavender Farm organic lavender sachet to your bathing routine. High-end Health and Wellness Spas across the world still rely on the aromatic benefits of lavender to calm, balance, and sooth. However, you can achieve the same benefits of lavender at home by utilizing Robert’s Ferry Lavender Farm Bath Salt Sachet. Place or pour the sachet into the warm tub for a nice relaxing soak.

    Directions: To use as a bath sachet, gently squeeze the sachet a few times and then simply hang underneath the spout of running water or submerge the sachet in a warm bath and allow it to steep. As a precaution, water should never be scalding hot, but should be slightly greater than one’s body temperature. We recommend soaking for no longer than 10-15 minutes.

    Ingredients: epsom salt, lavender oil, and lavender buds.  8oz.


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